Suzanne Burdon - Director

Social researcher, academic and author Suzanne Burdon has an honours degree in Sociology with a major in Literature and a Trinity College London Licentiate in Effective Communication.

As a social and market researcher she specialises in projects that involve understanding the behaviour and motivation of a wide range of people in many different contexts, often conducting interviews and focus groups where dialogue is a major contributor to understanding. She has weaved this insight into her writing.

Her research for her first novel Almost Invincible has been extensive.  Travelling to the UK, the US and Europe to maintain the authenticity of the story, the book whilst factually based, beautifully imagines the emotions, conversations, and some of the mysteries surrounding Mary Shelley’s life.

Burdon says of writing the book: 

‘Amongst the volumes of extant information and many complex biographies I glimpsed a Mary who was a teenage rebel, a grieving mother, a determined author and a long suffering lover of a man well ahead of his time. It made me want to tell her story.’

Suzanne lives in Sydney with her husband.